Stockton Lane Playgroup is registered and inspected by OFSTED. Copies of the inspection report are available on OFSTED's website and at Playgroup. The Playgroup has a Steps to Quality Award.


This provision is good

Stockton Lane Playgroup    Stockton Lane, York, North Yorkshire, YO31 1JG    
Inspection date : 13th June 2018
The quality and standards of the early years provision 
This inspection: Good  2   Previous inspection: Good  2 
Effectiveness of the leadership and management Good  2 
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good 2 
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good 2  
Outcomes for children Good  2 
Summary of key findings for parents 
 This provision is good      Children who have special educational needs and/or disabilities are very well supported. Staff thoroughly understand their needs and work closely with parents and outside professionals to support children to reach their potential.    All children make good progress from their starting points. Staff plan a wide range of exciting activities and learning opportunities for children to choose from. Staff allow children to lead their play and make decisions. All children are motivated to learn.    The Manager leads her team well. She is approachable and values her staff. She ensures all staff are supported to develop their knowledge of childcare issues. She seeks an array of training courses to support their continuous professional development.    Children arrive ready to start their day. They are greeted by warm, caring staff who help them to settle quickly. Staff effectively promote children's emotional well-being.    Partnerships with parents are very strong. Parents liaise with staff regularly regarding children's progress and feel involved in their learning. They are highly complimentary of the long-standing staff team and how their children enjoy attending.        It is not yet outstanding because:   
What the setting needs to do to improve further    
To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should: 
 strengthen the arrangements for comparing the progress made by different groups of children to provide a sharper focus on teaching and learning 
 strengthen partnerships with other settings that children attend to complement their  learning further. 
Inspection findings 
Effectiveness of the leadership and management is good   
The manager is held accountable by the committee, who support her very well. She fully understands her responsibilities and strives to maintain very good levels of care and learning for all children. The manager has clear priorities for improvement that are challenging and realistic. She gathers the views of parents and children regularly and works with her staff team to evaluate the service provided. Staff are proud of the setting they work in and are committed to continually developing themselves. Regular supervision sessions and staff meetings enable the manager to appraise the quality of teaching and support staff in their role. Staff have attended recent training. This has enabled staff to have a deeper understanding of children's special educational needs and how to stimulate and challenge these children appropriately. All staff have thorough knowledge of safeguarding. They regularly refresh their understanding of how to protect children. Staff know the processes to follow if they are concerned about a child or the behaviour of their colleagues. Arrangements for safeguarding are effective.     
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good   
The staff team is well qualified and use their knowledge of how children learn well. Children are supported to learn a wealth of skills. For example, staff teach children sounds that letters represent and encourage them to spell out words. Staff listen with genuine interest to children's news from home and encourage conversations. Staff are skilful when questioning children. They use a range of questioning techniques that promote children's ability to think. Staff help children to understand mathematical concepts. For instance, as children pretend to make cakes in the sand, staff introduce different quantities and use mathematical language as children play and explore. Staff are always close to children to support their individual learning and offer ideas.   
Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good   
Children behave very well. They understand the rules of the setting and are keen to share them with visitors. Children are kind to each other and manage to resolve small disputes effectively between themselves. Children are confident to talk in small groups and develop good social skills. They sit well at snack time and enjoy each other's company. Children exercise daily. For instance, they experiment with different ways of moving as they negotiate obstacles outdoors. Children understand the importance of following good hygiene practices. For example, they discuss washing away germs to stop the spread of illness and older children manage their toilet needs independently.    
 Outcomes for children are good  
Children are prepared very well for school. They are very confident and have high levels of self-esteem. Children sit well during group times and develop early literacy skills. For instance, they recognise their written names at registration. Older children take on small responsibilities, such as collecting cups and pouring drinks at snack time. All children concentrate and listen well. They ask questions and are keen to offer their own ideas and opinions.    
Inspection report: Stockton Lane Playgroup, 13 June 2018  4 of 5 
This inspection was carried out by Ofsted under sections 49 and 50 of the Childcare Act 2006 on the quality and standards of provision that is registered on the Early Years Register. The registered person must ensure that this provision complies with the statutory framework for children’s learning, development and care, known as the early years foundation st